Hand-Carved Fireplace Mantles

The fireplace is one of the most prominent features in a home and a true focal point. A hand-carved mantle can be the crowning detail that makes a fireplace all that it can be in a well-decorated home.

We can make a mantle for a new fireplace or replace the current mantle if you wish. If you are planning to build a fireplace we can get involved at the planning stages with the architectural drawings.

There are several ways to hang or support a mantle. For example, the mantle can be made to look like a solid timber with a carved face. It is important to determine the overall dimensions of your mantle to include length, width and height.

Another important consideration is the wood species. We often use basswood, butternut or white pine.

Next you will need to give us an idea of the carving style you wish to have. This can be acanthus leaf carving, a form of dragon style carving or carved pictures that illustrate a story.

Finally there is a choice of stains and finishes.

Over the years Else and Phil have made dozens of fireplace mantles in many different styles and for many different applications. We have photos of many of them.

If you wish to order a mantle from us for an existing fireplace, please send us photos and measurements of the fireplace. Include the dimensions of the mantle. We can help you decide on the details if you want to take advantage of our years of experience. We can talk to you about how you want it to look and gauge the price accordingly.