Norsk Wood Works Carving Styles

While attending the Hjerleids Carving school at Dovre Norway, Phil and Else were introduced to three basic carving styles: Baroque, Dragon Style from the revival period, and Rococo. During their more than 35 years of professional carving experience Else and Phil have developed, refined and expanded their repertoire to include figure carving, picture carving, carving styles from the Stave Church period in Norway, Viking carving styles, and some sculpture. However, Else and Phil have also both developed their own unique carving styles within these basic periods of carving.

Most of the work they do is from original full-scale drawings that they themselves create, though they have also worked on reproductions of original work from Scandinavia. Nearly all of their work is deeply rooted in traditional Norwegian carving styles.

For the first 35 years about 80% of their work was commissioned or ordered by individuals, companies, or institutions. Since 2014, however, they have been accepting fewer commissions and are now focusing more on pieces created purely from artistic inspiration. These items will be for sale from their studios, at the select shows they attend each year, or through this website.